Struggle Leads to Success! Temporary rental instead of anti-squat.

On March 26, the House of Representatives approved a number of amendments to the Vacancy Act that will make the application of temporary rental structures a lot easier. The BPW is not happy with this expansion and flexibility of the vacancy law. However, it is also a success.

During the bill's discussion, 12 amendments and 5 motions were tabled. Four amendments and three motions were passed. A motion passed by Paulus Jansen of the SP provides that Minister Blok must consult with the Association of Housing Corporations Aedes to ensure that housing associations will only work with temporary rental contracts in the event of temporary vacancy, and not with anti-squat. This is because the position of the temporary tenant is better safeguarded in these contracts. That this motion has been passed is simply a big step forward!

Last March 15, the BPW organized a demonstrative visit to the Rochdale housing corporation. And together with Tenants Association East, PvdA, Groen Links and the SP handed a petition to Rochdale to stop their anti-squat construction and to organize temporary rental on the basis of the Vacancy Act. This in response to the anti-squat drama on the Afrikanerplein in Amsterdam. It is nice to see that our call has now also been followed in national politics.

The BPW has repeatedly informed the 2nd MPs about the consequences of the changes in the vacancy law, which pushes many home seekers into live insecurity. Many of our questions have been asked in Parliament. Also read the Letter from the BPW about the memorandum of amendment of the Vacancy Act of 13 March 2013. The fire letter containing the BPW's view on the bill of 11 November 2012. The letter in the run-up to the bill of 7 March 2012. The it is therefore good to see that politicians are finally recognizing one of our criticisms of the law regarding the use of the lawless anti-squat construction, after numerous actions by the BPW.

The adopted motion is therefore a success and a major step forward against the practices of anti-squat agencies and guaranteeing minimum rights for temporary residents. Yes! Fighting does make sense! Now make sure that Minister Blok also takes action quickly and implements the motion.

Read more information about the changes to the Vacancy Act and the amendments and motions here. The law will soon be discussed in the first chamber.


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