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RochdaleAre you looking for a home? temporary resident? or do you think good affordable housing is important for everyone? Beautiful! On 15 March, the Bond Precaire Woonvorm, Tenants' Association East and SP Amsterdam East will be organizing a visit to the Rochdale housing corporation. Rochdale thinks it can throw home seekers onto the street without rights through an anti-squat construction.

Rochdale has outsourced the management of a home to anti-squat agency Alvast Beheer. Through this construction, the corporation has had a tenant pay rent at Afrikanerplein for almost 6 years under the guise of a loan contract. They now think they can just cancel the rent and the contract and put the resident on the street.

We demand that Rochdale immediately stop the collaboration with Alvast Beheer and that after this long period of time, give the tenant a real lease.

Despite promises from Rochdale to let the house on Afrikanerplein again, they still want to sell the house after a period of more than 8 years of withdrawal from the social housing stock. This despite previous commitments to the BPW, Tenants' Association East, residents and the municipality in June 2012, to return the house to regular rental after 2 months.

We do not want to make our housing rights more flexible. We demand a normal rental contract and an end to the withdrawal of this property from the affordable rental stock!
At the moment, a bill to amend the Vacancy Act is pending in the House of Representatives, so that longer, more frequent and temporary letting can take place in a liberalized manner. The term is extended to 7 and 10 years respectively. Homeowners who want to sell their home can rent out temporarily, liberalized regardless of the points system. Temporary tenants are also denied access to the rent assessment committee. In this way, more and more home seekers end up in a jungle of temporary and precarious forms of housing! Situations such as at the Afrikanerplein threaten to become a “normal reality” for many.

Gone are the days when you paid rent and were therefore provided with protection against extreme rent increases, homelessness and privacy violations. That's why we call for action! We no longer allow ourselves to be explained away on waiting lists and blackmailed with temporary contracts with poor legal protection and intimidating penalty systems. We are full-fledged people who do not want to be condemned to a precarious existence. After all, housing is a right! The government and housing associations must ensure this. To start with, for this tenant on the Afrikanerplein.

This visit is organized by:
Bond Precarious Housing. East tenants' association. SP Amsterdam East

If you live in a precarious state, be solidarity!
Date: March 15.
Start: 13:00
Location: Rochdale Head Office, Bos en Lommerplein 303 Amsterdam

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Letter from the BPW to the House of Representatives about changes to the Vacancy Act:

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