Report action March 15: Rochdale stop Already! with anti-squat.

The time when (temporary) tenants could simply be driven away is now really over!

Minister Blok excludes tenant organizations such as the BPW from consultations about making the vacancy law more flexible.

Tenants and home seekers are therefore now switching to action and stand on your sidewalk!

For the people who think this incidents are: read here the five stories of residents of 5 different anti-squat agencies from the Amsterdam region.

The municipality of Amsterdam has now realized that this is no longer possible. Also in the 2nd room questions have been asked about it. These have led to an adopted motion to only use temporary rent instead of anti-squat. Minister Blok must now consult with the association of housing corporations Aedes to implement this motion. This is to put an end to lawless anti-squat constructions!

A further report of this successful campaign will follow shortly on this site.

Read already: an article on the site of the Housing association about this action.

The article get rid of anti-squat regulation in the Parool.

the article demonstration against temporary rent policy Rochdale on the East Tenants' Association website.

The article protest against abuse of temporary rental by SP Amsterdam.


See below BPW TV episode 5: Rochdale stop anti-squatting ALVAST.

See below the photo report that Rob Nelisse made of the action.



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