Family with child on the street through Camelot and Parteon

A mother and her child live in a house belonging to housing corporation Parteon, Oostzijde 268b, in Zaandam. They threaten to be evicted from their home by Parteon. However, this Parteon corporation does not take the dirty work into its own hands, but has outsourced this excellent rentable home for years to Camelot Beheer BV, which has now canceled the agreement. Camelot states to the residents that the housing corporation has sold the house, but in the Land Registry the house is still registered in the name of Stichting Parteon and there is no known deed of sale. The termination of the contract is therefore completely arbitrary.

The residents have engaged a lawyer and do not agree with this termination, they remain. How is it possible that Parteon, with Camelot as devious accomplice, just put a young family on the street? Because in the 2 years that they have lived here, they have paid more than 6000 euros in rent to Camelot, a neat basic rent of 200 euros per month, an amount that housing corporation Parteon itself therefore missed in terms of income.

Due to political policy, housing is becoming more and more expensive and, together with the increasingly longer waiting lists, more and more people are forced into unstable, temporary, precarious housing. In this case at the anti-squat agency (vacancy manager) Camelot, in a building of a housing corporation! After all, it is a core task of a corporation to realize sufficient affordable housing for everyone. Precisely to keep temporary and precarious housing to a minimum and to
prevent social problems in this way…

In this case it is exactly the other way around. An excellent rentable home from the Parteon corporation has been rented out for years via an anti-squat construction with a possible eviction without any reason or reason as a tragic final piece.

Parteon hides, nice and easy, behind Camelot but remains ultimately responsible in this story.

Through our tears we call on every real estate owner and landlord with any social responsibility, in this case Parteon in the first place, to immediately stop doing business with companies such as Camelot Beheer.

We call, we keep calling... Zaanse and all other politicians and administrators to take responsibility. Anti-squat agencies, such as Camelot, have the option to draw up their own contracts, completely outside the rental legislation, that consistently violate tenancy rights, housing rights and fundamental rights. Which leads to structural abuses like this one on the East side. In this case of the family in Parteon's house on the east side, political responsibility must therefore be taken and Parteon must be held accountable.

Throw a family with a child on the street in the freezing cold? Parteon and Camelot have sunk deep. We therefore demand that the family can continue to live or that proper rehousing is organised.
Incident? Read here five testimonials from (ex) Camelot residents who give a good insight into the way this company behaves towards its residents.

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