BPW sends a letter to the 2nd Chamber about amendments to the Vacancy Act and starts research into temporary housing.

On November 14, the Bond Precaire Housing Forms sent a letter to the 2nd Chamber about the proposed changes to the Vacancy Act (legislative proposal 33436) and the use of various forms of temporary rental.

We have also added some questions we have regarding the bill that have remained unanswered to date. Letter Bond Precaire Woonvorm about changes in the Vacancy Act.

A number of the questions that the BPW had about this bill, which permanently drives many home seekers into uncertainty, were asked by various political parties in response to the above letter.

The General Committee for Housing and the Civil Service considers the bill to be sufficiently prepared, provided questions asked are answered in a timely manner. This is despite the numerous problems that arise in the field of temporary housing.  Read the parliamentary report of 29 November here.

In preparation of this legislative proposal, the proposed measures were discussed with organizations that are “directly or indirectly” involved in forms of temporary rental.  Interest groups such as the BPW are not involved in this, however.  We are very disappointed that politicians do not take the noise of tenants and home seekers seriously.

Because the BPW receives signals from various quarters about the poor position of temporary residents, we have started an investigation into temporary housing types.

Temporary residents (it does not matter which contract type) are asked to email their experiences, positive or negative, with temporary housing to:

Whether you are anti-squat, live on a campus contract, rent on the basis of the Vacancy Act or have another type of temporary contract. If you have any questions about temporary housing/your contract, the BPW is the right place to be.

Support the fight for housing security!

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