Bill to amend the Vacancy Act

The bill to broaden and make the Vacancy Act more flexible will soon be discussed in the House of Representatives. On 7 March 2012, the BPW already sent a letter to the House of Representatives to inform it about our position. You can read this letter below. More information about temporary rental and this bill will follow shortly.

Dear Member of Parliament, We hereby approach you about the General Consultation on the rental policy as scheduled on 7 March between 13:00 and 15:00 Minister Spies is currently investigating the options for expanding temporary rental, without prejudice to legal protection. of tenants. In the proposals it makes in the memorandum "Tailor-made rent, D66 memorandum "get rid of the waiting list, temporary renting and the vacancy law" it does, however, make a considerable number of proposals that do affect rent protection. 7 years The Bond Preciare Woonvorm is shocked by the proposals to extend the maximum term of temporary rental from 5 to 7 years, as this unnecessarily extends the period of undesirable uncertainty for tenants. also not encouraged to actually start planning within the shortest possible term When the 5-year term expires, tenants are also often denied their accrued rental rights due to an unlawful switch to another form of flexible housing: anti-squat housing completely outside the vacancy law deregulated letting of old owner-occupied home The liberalized temporary letting of te Houses for sale already lead to situations where, for example, intermediaries, especially in areas of scarcity, charge very generous prices for houses with few rights. Owners whose real estate is for sale are not encouraged in this way to sell quickly and accept the price drop in the market. The advocated throughput is therefore not achieved, but rather counteracted. In the meantime, the problems are shifted and put on the plate of the temporary tenant, who often pays a lot for a home without rent and rent protection, short notice period without the right to rehousing and compensation for relocation costs. The Bond Precaire Woonvorm therefore believes that a maximum rent should be included in the law for temporary renting. A price that in any case remains below the liberalization limit. After all, a temporary rental home is worth much less. Migrant workers. Linking home to work increases the dependence of employees and tenants. If you lose the job, you lose the house. We believe that every person has the right to housing. Also migrant workers who have lost their job. Everyone is free to appeal against an eviction. Rent to be of short duration is intended for care and recreation, for main residence occupancy was never intended by its nature to be short-term. Affecting rent protection in the event of termination of contract. In our view, limiting the right to compensation for removals even further is an undesirable violation of tenancy law. This is because the scheme exists to fairly distribute the financial burden associated with eviction. The Bond Precarious Housing Forms deals with people who experience difficulties with the above-mentioned precarious housing forms on a daily basis. The far-reaching impairment of rent protection is often the cause of the problems. We therefore argue that the use of this should be kept to a minimum and not expanded further, in order to prevent social problems. If you would like more information regarding this letter, please do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Bond Precaire Woonvorm. Contact person: Abel Heijkamp 06-47686543

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