Expansion of the Vacancy Act. What do you think about that?

The Vacancy Act is being expanded step by step. First from 3 to 5 years, and now under certain circumstances it is even possible to temporarily rent out a building for 10 years (legislative proposal 33436). It is ironic that the explanatory memorandum states that "it is guaranteed that no erosion of the rent (price) protection occurs in regular rental cases". For the sitting tenants with a 'permanent contract', the legal position is still fine, but the group of tenants without a regular
lease is getting bigger and bigger. A similar development has taken place in the labor market. Instead of a permanent contract, a large part of the Netherlands works through secondment, secondment, payroll or self-employed constructions. We do not want this flexibility in the housing market. We want a regular rental contract! Unfortunately, very few critical voices have been heard.

“The proposed measures have been discussed with various organizations that are directly or indirectly involved in these types of rental. This concerns the Association of Dutch Municipalities, the Home Ownership Association, the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents and the Dutch Association of Banks.” With the interests of the umbrella organization of municipalities, private
homeowners, real estate agents and mortgage lenders have been taken into account. The residents/tenants stand out because of their absence. Only the umbrella organization of municipalities took the trouble to casually stand up for the residents. It would have been nice if interest groups that are also "directly or indirectly" involved with the residents/tenants, such as the housing association and the precarious housing association (BPW) had been involved earlier in the process.

We residents and tenants want to be taken seriously and we do not agree that we have to get used to the fact that we will soon no longer have a leg to stand on from a legal point of view.

We therefore call on people whose interests have not yet been defended in the lobbying process to make their criticism of this bill known to the members of the House of Representatives before 15 November:

The BPW has started an investigation into various forms of temporary rental. In addition to informing the MPs yourself, you can also email us your story and/or questions:

Support the fight for housing security!

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