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The Bond Precaire Woonvorm (BPW) represents, supports and organizes residents in temporary housing situations.

Have you had enough of inspection rounds by an inspector of an anti-squat agency in your living space? Do you think you have a right to privacy and peace of mind just like any other resident? Then don't wait any longer, join us and:

“Refuse the controller, put another lock on your door!”

And then.., the first 10 residents who put a different lock on their door will receive the new lock as a gift from the BPW!

Article 10 of the constitution was created so that every resident, whether a tenant, buyer, anti-squatter or any type of resident, has the right to privacy. This means that you decide how you organize things within your personal life. If someone enters your home without your permission, that person is guilty of trespassing.

The rules that the anti-squat agency has drawn up with a resident are therefore not valid if you invoke them. That right is there. You just have to activate it yourself!

The BPW supports people who claim their rights of residence such as their right to privacy and home peace. You can change your lock yourself or with the help of the BPW. In addition to practical support, the BPW can also help you with legal support if the anti-squat agency takes strange steps when you change your lock. In the Appendix there is a standard letter that you can send to the anti-squat office to explain the situation. If you have any questions or need help, the BPW can of course always be reached.

Refuse the checker move, put another lock on your door!

Form Letter: House Peace

Support the fight for housing security!

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