The story of Gabrielle, Amsterdam East.

The Bond Precaire Woonvorm supports anti-squat residents to stand up for their rights. For example, the BPW was approached by Gabrielle from Amsterdam. Gabrielle has been living for 5 years on the basis of an anti-squat contract in a house of housing corporation Rochdale on the Afrikanerplein in Amsterdam East. This housing corporation has entrusted the houses to the anti-squat agency Alvast, which arranges the 'rental' with residents.

Gabrielle's contract was canceled by anti-squat agency in advance because an inspector had seen a sports bag in the hallway and some crumbs on the floor during an inspection. He also stated that the housing corporation Rochdale wanted the house back.

Gabrielle called Rochdale to ask what's going on. This resulted in even more commotion from Alvast because it is apparently very undesirable as a resident to contact the owner of the house.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle had found out from Rochdale that he didn't need the house back at all.

With the help of a lawyer, Gabrielle confronted Alvast with this information. The anti-squat agency then stated "if Gabrielle still admits to have acted wrong, she can still stay in the house". She also had to sign a new contract stating that she would never be allowed to contact the property owner again. On the advice of the BPW and her lawyer, Gabrielle did not admit or sign anything.

Two months later, Gabrielle still receives a warning letter from Alvast with a fine of 25 euros for the sports equipment and breadcrumbs. And the unannounced inspections of the Alvast inspector continue. When Gabrielle once stepped out of the shower and almost stood face to face with the Already Controlled, the measure was more than full. Under the slogan 'Refuse the controller, put another lock on your door!' Gabrielle, with the help of the BPW and the East Tenants' Association, put another lock on her front door.

Gabrielle's two upstairs neighbors also received a notice of termination, also with the reason that the building would not be "tidy". These residents have allowed themselves to be chased into the street by Alvast, meanwhile new anti-squat residents are living there through Alvast. The question is in what way and for how long.

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