Bond Precaire Woonvormen


The first family from the Parooldriehoek in Amsterdam-East had to leave their home on 4 March. Since the family has not yet found a new place to live, they have stayed put. Housing association Stadgenoot has not yet responded.

Last Friday, February 25, the residents' committee Platanenweg and Olmenweg, together with Tenants' Association East, organized a protest march to Stadgenoot's head office to hand over a petition and a Black Book Customization to the corporation.

City mate wants campus contracts

Stadgenoot is still determined to put the 90 anti-squat residents in the Parool Triangle on the street on the basis of their anti-squat contracts (with Anti kraken BV) on the basis of their anti-squat contracts. This in order to subsequently be able to accommodate students on the basis of (again temporary) campus contracts. Student union ASVA has urged students not to respond to the homes in the Parooldriehoek to support the residents. At their request, the Bond Precaire Woonvorm has advised the residents' committee Platanenweg Olmenweg about the possibilities of legal action.


Under pressure from the protest of the residents, the media attention for this case and questions from city council members, Stadgenoot eventually promised 'customization' to the anti-squat residents. They argue that the only really suitable solution is to leave the residents in place until demolition, as Stadgenoot promised at the time. For the time being, however, the customization that Stadgenoot offers consists of help with registering in WoningNet and sporadically offering other temporary accommodation. The family that had to move out of their home on March 4 was offered a first home by Stadgenoot on March 3 in the context of customization; it concerned a temporary house (for 6 months) that was full of mold and that it turned out to have a neighbor who immediately stated 'not to accept children and foreigners'. The young family has refused this house.
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