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Are you a foreign student, migrant, expat or non-Dutch speaker living in the Netherlands?  Do you want to reclaim your housing rights and regain a say? Then this article is for you.  Below you will find a step-by-step guide to help you. We have also attached some useful links in English and practical information on how to get involved with BPW.  


Can’t you get access to decent housing? Are you experiencing housing problems such as: difficulties with temporary accommodation, unjust rent increases, high fees, discrimination, and/or eviction?  The Dutch housing system is in crisis and failing to provide. Get Organised. Together we can change a broken housing system and reclaim your housing rights

If you have any questions regarding (temporary) housing to BPW

We will assist you in your housing struggle and help you set up a solidarity network. We are a voluntary association based on solidarity and mutual aid. Join us. Together we can win the battle for decent housing for all.  

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